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Meet the Uncrowders: Ryan Boulter

Emily TargettGrowth Marketing Manager13 Sept 2023

Ryan Boulter recently joined the thriving Uncrowd team as Business Development Manager. In this interview we find out what makes Ryan passionate about Uncrowd, and what’s in store for the future. Hi Ryan!


Favourite film? 

"Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Edgar Wright's best film, in my opinion.)"

Best band/musician on earth?

"Daft Punk, no question."

Best plate of food you’ve ever had? 

"Ayo's paella in Nerja, Spain - 10/10"

Biggest achievement to date 

"Playing at Reading & Leeds Festival in 2018, a boyhood dream come true."

What’s your role at Uncrowd?

"As part of the Growth team at Uncrowd, my main function is managing the sales process here and bringing prospects on the journey to working with us. The key thing here is clearly understanding their problems, and providing a solution with Product and CS that best addresses these. Lots of discovery calls, lots of platform demonstrations, lots of fixes to customer problems."

Sum up the Uncrowd platform in 3 words

"Intuitive, insightful, enlightening."

What attracted you to Uncrowd?

"We're at the cutting edge of CX measurement. While it may sound cliché, we're truly unique (thank you, Gartner). I've never worked somewhere with a product and methodology that's not been done before. I see this being the bedrock of customer analytics going forward (and so it should be)."

What are the biggest challenges that our customers face and how does the Uncrowd platform resolve these?

"We don't pull our punches here; the customer analytics industry is a £20.8bn con. Traditional customer feedback tools tell you nothing about what's driving changes in customer experience and where you stand relative to competitors. While you may be told by your current tools that you're smashing it out of the park, what's this compared to? And how does this stand up in a choice economy when sales performance is faltering? These are the problems Uncrowd solves. Objective, observable data on your CX performance relative to your competitors, allowing you to invest in the right places and grow market share."

What’s the culture like at Uncrowd?

"Collaborative and fast-paced. We're a start-up, and with that comes a particular energy; an environment of rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in. It's early days, but I've already been involved in the kinds of projects that I wouldn't be exposed to in other companies. With this are supportive team members, of varying tenure at Uncrowd, that empower you to step out of your comfort zone. I. Love. It."

What gets you excited about Uncrowd’s future?

"Being the number one customer analytics platform out there. Watch this space."

Ryan Boulter drumming at Reading Festival
Ryan rocks Reading

Uncrowd is on a mission to improve every customer experience on the planet through a unique combination of CX observation, quantitative measurement and comparative results. Our data is objective, empirical, and always shows your next best action.

Get in touch with Ryan to chat about the problems with your current analytics and how we can help.