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Uncrowd attracts growth marketer with probably the most perfect surname-for-the-role ever! 🎯

Emily CleaverContent Editor1 Aug 2022

Uncrowd are delighted to announce that Emily Targett has joined Uncrowd as Growth Marketing Manager.

“Emily has huge experience in creating strategies and campaigns that deliver leads and build brands. Her expertise has been crafted through her career working in tech and professional service environments and I'm truly excited to have her skill-set in our business to help us evolve and grow" says Chris Heap, Chief Growth Officer.

Cornered in the office on her first day, Emily said, "I’m very excited to be joining the Uncrowd team and being part of the journey. Having worked within the world of CX as a marketer for over three years, I have experienced how organisations have had to keep up with evolving customer behaviours and heightened expectations. Uncrowd provides organisations with the answers that they truly need using Relative Attractiveness metric, and I am thrilled to be a part of the team that fills a gap that no other CX analytics on the market can do”.

Welcome Emily! Onwards and upwards!