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5 ways Relative Attractiveness gives brands a competitive CX advantage

Emily CleaverInsight Editor4 Oct 2022

Relative Attractiveness (RA) is Uncrowd’s innovative CX metric that measures how attractive you are to customers compared to rivals. Here's how RA helps you steal market share.

1. RA measures you against the competition

Most organisations gather data within their business, but for successful transformation, you need to look outward.

RA measures your proposition against competing propositions, returning contextual data on what rivals are doing and what customers prefer about them.

2. RA eliminates bias

Customer surveys are unreliable because of inherent cognitive biases that make people poor judges of their past actions and poor predictors of future actions.

RA treats the CX journey as observable, measurable and quantifiable, without relying on subjective customer opinion, giving a clearer picture of the customer decision-making environment.

3. RA is driven by the customer story

In traditional analytics, the competitive set is often determined by sector. This approach misses data on how and why customers make purchase decisions.

RA is rooted in customer decision-making. It defines the analytical set by the solution sought by the customer and their mindstate at the time; the customer story.

4. RA delivers predictions, not snapshots

Current CX metrics like CSAT and CES use point-in-time analysis and offer limited insight into how a customer will act in future.

RA recognises that your appeal to customers varies over time and is dependent on the context of the customer story.

It delivers predictions on how a customer will choose in future.

5. RA simplifies the data

Traditional competitor analysis requires complex industry sector analysis and macro-environmental analysis to generate data.

RA measures the customer decision-making environment, assessing how effectively solutions are presented as the optimal choice. No need for proprietary or non-comparable competitor data sets.

Find your RA and answer the 5 Big Questions

  • What is your RA and is it trending in the right direction?
  • Across the customer journey, where are you winning?
  • Where are you losing?
  • Where along the journey do customers drop out?
  • Where will your CX investments deliver the biggest bang for your buck?

Uncrowd is on a mission to improve every customer experience on the planet and we're doing that through a unique combination of CX observation, quantitative measurement and comparative results. Our customer analytics data is objective, empirical, and always shows your next best action.