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    Kill friction, innovate reward.
    Uncrowd shows retailers and brands how.

Friction/Reward Indexing™ changes the game for retailers

We've created an incredibly powerful customer behaviour metric; Friction/Reward Indexing™.
FRi™ makes attitudinal mapping, NPS and persona segmentation look like redundant guessing.

Your customers are making choices based on friction and reward,
FRi™ tells you exactly what and why.

Our platform liberates your existing insight to accurately describe customer behaviours across all shopper missions and need states. Our tools then show exactly which levers to pull to attract new customers, keep existing ones and increase ATVs.

Kill Friction

Our platform identifies friction your customers hate. Find friction, kill friction, win customers.

Innovate Reward

When you know what customers really love, you can give them more of it. We show you the way.

Smash Data Silos

We connect your existing data and insight, revealing the true friction versus reward picture.

What is Friction/Reward Indexing™?

Low-friction, high-reward experiences are vital in our new world of ubiquitous customer choice and massive visibility of alternatives. To build them, you need to identify friction and innovate reward, all over your business, from shop floor to shopping cart. Our FRier™ platform hoovers up all your valuable insight, then indexes every key shopper mission and behaviour-driving need-state across the complete friction versus reward metric in your business. Then it gives you the power to exploit that metric to make changes that drive sales.

Friction greater than reward?

Customers will put up with a little friction until the day they won't.

Value Proposition

Here's why we are a game-changer

The FRier™ is a cloud-based data analysis tracker that ingests your existing data and insight to produce behavioural insight that is easy to understand and simple to action. Our super-clear UI cuts through to pinpoint issues and uncover opportunities. It shows you exactly why customers are making the choices they are, so you can fine-tune customer experiences quickly and easily.

Here are some of the fundamental question we can answer: Why are customers attracted to our rivals? How much of my promotions budget is being spent on the wrong people? What proportion of my ad spend actually lands? What levers can I pull to make us more attractive to more customers more of the time?

The FRier™ knows

We can leverage your existing data and insight to get you these critical answers. The FRier™ is radar for retailers; every ping and blip is full of rich, connected insight that understands customers' fundamental need to balance friction and reward. We can help you:

  • Instantly spot opportunities
  • Identify hot-issues live
  • Model new ideas and consequences
  • Simplify and empower your siloed data

Lots of people will tell you they can unify your view of your customers. But look closely. It's all just linear insight with a big shake of biased interpretation on top. The friction versus reward metric is different. It's the fundamental truth of why customers behave the way they do. It tells you the real story of your customers' relationships with you, and it does so in the revealing and profound context of their wider range of options. Uncrowd is different. We're the first team to create practical and actionable tools to understand and exploit knowledge of the friction versus reward metric; and we know retail backwards. Oh, and our co-founder Richard Hammond is literally writing the book on Friction versus Reward which is due for release by Pearson in Autumn 2018.

Uncrowd’s powerful, light and easy insight crowdsourcing tool

Why pay a billion pence for a Qualtrics license, or slog through a Medallia setup when you can have easy, low-cost and powerful instead?

One (brilliant) trick pony

CrowdAF also has one giant trick up it’s sleeve; it is built from the ground up to be mirror-relational – one side of the survey can be instantly measured against the other side with zero additional set-up. It’s like golf; the nine holes out can be amazing but if the nine holes back are dire you’re still rubbish at golf.

Okay, not golf; football, you can win the first half but it’s the total game that counts.


Making a full English then, the bacon can be the best you’ve ever tasted but if eggs are rank then I’m throwing this cup of tea in your face.

That’s CrowdAF – originally built to index friction versus reward which accidently makes it the best tool in the world for comparing, say, satisfaction against function; KPIs versus feelings; chips versus Daddy.

How to get CrowdAF

Friction/Reward Indexing™ - Pricing Plans

Access to our ground-breaking FRi platform is easy; from mid July you can download our healthcheck app for free; gain meaningful insight and benchmark versus competitors. For more sophisticated needs, we have opened our Beta Client Program. The program offers two levels of engagement and is invitation only. Very few places remain available so talk to us today to potentially secure yours.

Health Check

  • Healthcheck app


  • Data onboarded - User
  • Users - Unlimited
  • Channel Analysis -
  • Support - Ticket 72 hours
Available July

Join waiting list

Beta Platform

  • Enterprise FRier™
    FRi Sandbox
    Healthcheck app

£5,000 per month

  • Sector exclusivity -
  • Data onboarded -
  • Equivalence Engine -
  • Users - 5
  • Channel analysis
  • Touchpoint analysis - 8
  • Shopper missions - 12
  • Uncrowds -
  • Tracking FRi -
  • Sandbox FRi -
  • Individual Client Manager -
  • Support - Ticket 24 hours
Invitation Only

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Beta Principle

  • FRi Project
    Enterprise FRier™
    FRi Sandbox
    Healthcheck app


  • Sector exclusivity -
  • Data onboarded -
  • Equivalence Engine -
  • Users - 40+
  • Channel analysis
  • Touchpoint analysis - 12+
  • Shopper missions - 100+
  • Uncrowds - FULL
  • Tracking FRi -
  • Sandbox FRi -
  • Actionplanning FRi -
  • Individual Client Manager -
  • Consult and build support - 60 hours/month +
  • Bespoke solutions -
  • Bespoke solutions -
  • Preferance for new products -
  • Support - LIVE
Invitation Only

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Opportunities to deliver early success

Your investment in Uncrowd is about more than our exceptional technology. It is about achieving desirable business outcomes that enable you to deliver a better service to your customers. That is why every Uncrowd customer gets our standard success plan for online support, training and post-implementation onboarding.

Readiness Assessment

Together we assess your readiness to take advantage of the friction versus reward metric. We consider existing data and look at the best questions to be asking in your current strategic and tactical position. So let's give the FRier™ a test-drive and build you a sizzling ROI model!

Onboarding the FRier™

Lots of exciting early insight explodes out of this process! As we work together to set you up with your own uniquely-structured tracking version of the FRier™, we build you a bespoke report identifying hot spots, quick wins, shopping missions to watch and opportunities to jump on.


Ongoing professional services engagements to solve tactical or strategic Friction/Reward Indexing™ challenges. We're with you all the way, as much or as little as you need.

Opportunity Workshop

Delivered over two to three days, Uncrowd's Friction/Reward Indexing™ Workshop will equip you with the tools you need to analyse your offer, formats, touch-points, experiences and journeys in terms of the friction versus reward metric.


Your data is not telling you the whole story

Your data is underexploited because it is locked in silos and linear in insight.

You are not alone

Your data is good. Your research is top quality. But you've got this nagging doubt that these silos of customer insight aren't giving you a complete picture. 88% of CMOs think their data is underutilized*. 50% of marketers know they don't have the data tools they need **

Because FRi™ proves causality, we believe that it will replace NPS as your go-to measure of customer preference; and provide the missing emotional contexts in customer journey mapping, customer satisfaction and experience measurement.

*IBM survey of 1000 European CMOs 2018
**Juniper Research 2017

Meet the Founders

We are a passionate team of retail experts based in London.


Richard Hammond

CEO & Co-founder

Richard Hammond
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is the author of the best-selling retail manual - Smart Retail. Now in the Fourth edition, the book sells all over the world and in seventeen languages. Richard discovered the retail expression of the friction versus reward metric and is now obsessed with helping retailers exploit that discovery.

Rocky Howard
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, is driven and inspired by the new and emerging technologies that allow us to create wonderful things. He specialises in UI/UX and is dedicated to making systems accessible. He has designed and created major insight platforms for financial and data and is dedicated to embracing technology at its best.


Rocky Howard

CTO & Co-founder

..and now we need YOU!

Due to overwhelming client demand, we are actively seeking exceptional people to join the Uncrowd team. We are building in the following areas: data science, shopper research, UX/UI-focussed engineers and developers of various stacks. If that sounds like you or someone you know, then Email us now and we'd be delighted to have a chat.

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