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Webinar recording: Why traditional customer analytics belong in Room 101

Emily TargettGrowth Marketing Manager1 Feb 2023

Speakers: Richard Hammond (Co-founder & CEO, Uncrowd), Samantha Richardson (Principal Advisor, Twilio) and host, Emily Targett (Growth Marketing Manager, Uncrowd)
Live webinar recording:
Tuesday 21st February 2023
Duration: 30 minutes

Everyone knows traditional customer analytics are creaking at the seams. Gameable, often based on unreliable feedback and unable to explain CX performance in tough times.

Tools such as Net Promoter System are increasingly exposed as lacking in sophistication; a score alone is simply not enough. How can retailers truly know what their real relative attraction versus competitors is?

Watch a playback of our webinar session where Richard and Sam share what retailers need to do to steal customers from their competitors and be masters of market share growth.