Why Uncrowd?

It's customer analytics ... with context.

The fast track to market share growth, providing visibility on how you stack up compared to your rivals.


Put it this way...

Are you tall? You know the answer. But how?

If you measure yourself, you know your height. But you can only know if your height makes you tall, short, or average once you have contextual data; the heights of other people.

And you can only know if your CX is great if you can compare it to your competitors' CX.

With Uncrowd contextual data...

...you can see where you're winning and losing across the customer journey, where customers drop out and which CX investments will actually attract more customers.

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Lower costs

We save you money compared to traditional CX analytics alternatives.

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Faster insight

We uncover actionable insight more quickly than traditional alternatives.

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Easy operation

Our product is easier to use than traditional alternatives.

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Ready to rock and roll?

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