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Meet the Uncrowders: George Brooks

Emily TargettGrowth Marketing Manager12 Feb 2024

George Brooks joined the Uncrowd Dev team in December, working on new features and functionality for our platform. We talked to George about himself and what gets him excited about Uncrowd.

George Brooks, Uncrowd Developer

Favourite film

Bourne films (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, etc.)

Best band/musician on Earth

Missy Elliott - most underrated artist in my opinion. Saying that though; Queen, Led Zepplin and T. Rex are all deeply rooted in my childhood.

Best plate of food you’ve ever had

Far too many to choose from. The most recent was probably Lobster with all the frills at The Rock in Zanzibar.

Biggest achievement

Cycling LEGOG (Land’s End to John O'Groats). Two weeks of ~80 miles a day. Knackering, yet exhilarating.

Role at Uncrowd

Uncrowd is all about data, and my role it to continuously develop and improve the platform to serve the data in an ever more meaningful way. At Uncrowd I'm referred to as a developer, although in my previous role I was frontend focused. Us developers like to get stuck in in all over the platform and data collection tools!

Three words to sum up the Uncrowd platform

Data => Meaning => Action

What do you love about working on the Uncrowd platform?

We are revolutionising the way our clients think about the shopper experience, and how to make customers happier. In turn, this will help a business’s bottom line - everyone is happy.

What would you say to CX professionals that might make them think twice about using traditional customer analytics?

It's so easy to go with the flow when it comes to trying to understand your stores, but when you drill into the metrics being used, they are deeply flawed. Change is scary, but why not consider a more scientifically sound methodology that is rooted in unbiased data? You'll love the certainty, and your boss will love you for it!

How will CX analytics tech evolve over the next 10 years?

There's data collection, we have this down on a huge scale. Taking data and forming it into workable actions for each unique case can be very time consuming. AI is such a buzzword these days, but as a developer I can see how AI can be trained on ever-evolving datasets to come up with different ways of doing things to achieve your desired outcome - better customer experience and more revenue.

What makes you most excited about the future of Uncrowd?

Disrupting industry norms. Rocking the cart is what makes this an exciting company. Look at what happens when a maverick company comes into a 'settled' industry, like Uber into the transport industry. We're going to do great things so Uncrowd can improve every shopping experience.