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REPORT: Sleighing It: UK Grocery at Christmas

Richard HammondCo-Founder & CEO29 Dec 2023

Who came out on top among the leading UK supermarkets over Christmas? Uncrowd unveils a surprise winner today in our report Sleighing It: UK Grocery at Christmas.

The report is an analysis of 72,450 empirical objective observations gathered in 69 standard supermarket formats across England over the Christmas period, covering many variables such as meat presentation, shop appearance and in-store inspiration.

The data is analysed for different customer stories, including:

  • Shopping for a big family Christmas spread without breaking the bank
  • More cash in your pocket, hunting extra Christmas treats
  • Family Christmas on a tighter budget

Morrisons wins the big family Christmas Shop customer story – they delivered this year’s best experience for loading up on Christmas goodies and all the seasonal trimmings.

But other retailers won on stories such as shopping for top-up festive treats, budget-conscious shopping, or straight-forward great customer experience.

The exciting bit for insight teams is that these conclusions aren't based on subjective customer opinions of brands.

Instead, Uncrowd data is made up of thousands of objective empirical observations, gathered by observers using our research app. Each data point records elements that either were or were not present when observers visited the stores.

Uncrowd analysis then breaks down the data and directly compares retailer with retailer on each variable, and each customer story.

This methodology delivers far greater depth and granularity than customer survey metrics.

Uncrowd is on a mission to improve every customer experience on the planet through a unique combination of CX observation, quantitative measurement and comparative results. Our data is objective, empirical, and always shows your next best action.