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Product news: Customer journey heatmaps now live!

Rocky HowardCo-Founder & CPO17 Oct 2023

Introducing Uncrowd’s new heatmap feature

Uncrowd have added an exciting new feature in our latest platform release – a clean, fully interactive, layered customer journey heatmap.

Customer teams often find it hard to identify and visualise friction points in their CX, and the specific areas they’re doing well compared to rivals. So we’ve created a simple visual map of those pain points and winning areas so it’s easy to benchmark against the competition.

What's in the update?

  • At-a-glance colour map of frictions and rewards in customer journey
  • Easy to compare with rivals over each journey step
  • Dashboard to dive deeper into scores

Being able to compare against your rivals in such a visually obvious way is immensely powerful.

The new Uncrowd CX heatmap feature
The new Uncrowd CX heatmap feature

How does it work?

The example above is a heatmap data view for a sector we recently collected data in. Along the top are eleven retailers our quants observed. (We’ve anonymised them… it could it be you!)

Down the side are the variables that each retailer has been scored against using our innovative Relative Attractiveness metric. Each score is based on a scale of 1 – 100 of how Relatively Attractive you are, the score generating a heatmap colour.

Heatmap colours correspond to a retailer's score on a particular CX variable
Heatmap colours correspond to a retailer's score on a particular CX variable

A glance at the heatmap reveals key insights within a few seconds:

In Premium Availability (the availability / abundance of premium options)

  • Retailer 1 offers premium options and scores OK on availability with 75.44, but they are being soundly beaten on this variable by retailer 5 who score 93.18. Customers shopping retailer 1 are finding more premium out-of-stocks than when they shop with retailer 5. If retailer 1 wants to pull ahead on premium, this is where they should invest.

In Retail Theatre (using drama and sensory response to inspire customers to buy)

  • Everyone is doing badly here. Customers aren’t being wowed anywhere by display, live events or movement in store. Yes, retailer 11 is ahead with a score of 44.83, but even they aren’t smashing this variable. These low scores across the board indicate a clear opportunity for someone to gain a massive lead and become famous for this element of the customer experience.

In Curation (highlighting products; customer outcome, staff picks, reviews etc)

  • Here it’s a close call. All the retailers have a reasonable level of curation in store, but no one is excelling - there’s only a 11.38 difference between the top and bottom scores. The good news for retailer 1 is that they only have to close a small gap to pull ahead on this variable.

What’s the advantage of Uncrowd's CX heatmap?

We’re excited about the heatmap feature because it’s so immediate. Run your eyes down the column for your business and see at a glance where you’re winning and losing, then another glance tells you who you’ve got to beat, and where you can invest to do it.

Simple, visual, actionable.

To find out more about our hot update or book an onboarding call with a member of our team, get in touch.

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