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3 customer analytics nightmares (and how to sleep better with Uncrowd)

Emily CleaverInsight Editor30 Oct 2023

Billions of dollars are spent every year on analytics tools that leave businesses in the dark about how their customer experience performs against their closest competitors. Here are the top three worries we hear from insight and customer professionals.

I'm drowning in data!

NIGHTMARE 1: I'm drowning in data!

With traditional customer analytics it's hard to link insight to specific actions and hard to track ROI. Businesses often have a lot of data on customers, but it may be siloed across channels with no way to extract detailed insight that shows next best moves or strongest investments.

How Uncrowd solves this

Uncrowd doesn't rely on high-volume customer survey data. Instead we gather right data, measuring the customer decision-making environment directly, making empirical observations across your customer journey and for your closest competitors.

The Uncrowd platform uses competitor gap analysis to highlight customer pain points and areas of the customer experience where you're lagging behind competitors, or where you're winning.

You get direct guidance on the best investments to make to win market share.

My data is unreliable!

NIGHTMARE 2: My data is unreliable!

Your insight is only as good as the data that goes into it. Customer feedback data is hampered by cognitive bias, and single-number survey metrics like NPS or CSAT don't provide the granularity required to be a useful guide to action.

How Uncrowd solves this

Uncrowd collects unbiased observational data across the customer journey. We swarm your sector – you and your key competitors. Quants use our research app to make thousands of objective observations each visit.

Because quants observe only what's present in the customer experience environment, there's no bias, no opinion and no recall required.

The resulting customer journey maps are highly granular, allowing you to drill down into specific areas of your CX to see how you compare to rivals.

No visibility on competitor CX

NIGHTMARE 3: No data on my rivals!

Without data on rival customer experiences, you don’t know what to change to win more customers.

How Uncrowd solves this

Uncrowd collects the same data for you and your competitors, so you see a customer journey map that directly compares you point by point across the customer experience. The platform generates gap analysis, opportunities to be 'famous for' and CX investment triage. You view action plans, make changes and track progress with the next data collection.

"We needed to fill the gap in our customer insight with a clear benchmark to grow vs our competitors. Uncrowd helped us find the ‘real’ opportunities across our E2E customer journey."

Link your analytics to action

Bust friction

Identify CX disadvantages, remove the right pains first and remove barriers to loyalty.


No IT integration, fewer failed initiatives , less ops wastage, retire other tools, lower cost & acquisition DD built in.


Higher conversion, increased ATV, move to premium, footfall gains, omni-channel & higher sales quality.

Boost reward

Identify the path to true competitive advantage, opportunities for core growth and build true loyalty.

Uncrowd is on a mission to improve every customer experience on the planet and we're doing that through a unique combination of CX observation, quantitative measurement and comparative results. Our data collections are objective and empirical, and our analysis always shows your next best action.