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Tesco has a problem with Clubcard pricing

Emily CleaverInsight Editor21 Feb 2024

Tesco have announced they are changing how they display Clubcard prices in stores after criticism from consumer organisation Which?.

The change will see the addition of unit prices on Clubcard deal labels.

Uncrowd are watching with interest, because our AI data analysis surfaced Price Offers as a high priority issue for Tesco back in December when we collected data on 8 leading UK grocers over peak season.

The Action Plan generated from Uncrowd data
The Action Plan generated from Uncrowd data

What does the Uncrowd data mean?

Uncrowd collects thousands of observations of the customer experience and calculates performance for each phase of the customer journey. The same data is collected for closest rivals, so businesses can see comparative performance across the customer journey.

When we collected data on the Tesco customer experience, Price Offers came up as a potential area for improvement.

The Price Offers variable

An Uncrowd variable is a part of the customer experience that you can do more or less of, or invest more or less in.

The Price Offers variable is about the value of price offers and how they’re communicated.

This variable is measured using the signals of Effectiveness (clarity and effectiveness of price offers), Generosity (self-explanatory!) and Visibility (labelling of price offers).

Tesco scored pretty well on the Price & Value phase of the customer journey overall, coming in third after Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, but Price Offers was a specific variable within that phase where they dropped down to 6th place.

About Uncrowd Action Plans

An Uncrowd Action Plan is an AI-generated report that compares thousands of data points to surface the most important CX variables to make your proposition more relatively attractive to customers than your rivals.

Uncrowd can instantly generate Action Plans for any retailer we’ve collected data on.

Tesco’s Action Plan in December surfaced Price Offers as a high priority issue. That means the data showed this area of the customer experience as one where Tesco were falling behind the competition.

Our next data collection in the UK grocery sector should deliver some interesting data on whether recent Clubcard changes have an impact on customer experience of Price Offers for Tesco.

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