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Apparel CX insight 3: close the gap between physical and digital

Chris HeapCGO29 Mar 2023

Uncrowd collected objective CX data from nine mainstream UK apparel retailers and compared the results, revealing who is winning and losing throughout the customer journey. In this series we zoom in on three specific comparisons, uncovering gaps and opportunities to improve customer experience strategy.

Customer story 3: the difference between in-store and online experiences for a price-sensitive customer shopping for a reliable coat

We compared the customer journey in-store and online for a UK mainstream apparel retailer. There are some areas of CX that are likely to always return gaps between online and in-store – sizing, for example. But as you can see from the data, there are other gaps between the two shopping experiences that offer opportunities for improvement.

Closing gaps between online and offline channels delivers a more unified brand experience. Retailers should also be looking at their online / offline gaps in comparison to their competitors – are they doing better or worse at aligning online and in-store experiences? Can they pull further ahead or close the gap?

Customer analytics data showing the comparison between online and offline CX
Comparing physical and digital CX across the customer journey

Most important variable: Promotions

In this case, there is a clear gap in the selection and merchandising stage of the journey. That’s down to a disconnect between visible promotion in-store and promotions seen online. There’s an easy fix here – making online promotions available in-store too, or making them more visible and easy for customers to find.

Other key variables

Curation, Inspiration, Outfit Building and Trendsetting.

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