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6 best bits from the Punk CX podcast

Emily CleaverInsight Editor6 Feb 2023

Six best bits from Richard Hammond’s conversation with Adrian Swinscoe of Punk CX in handy 2-minute clips.

1. Try this 5-minute test

Try this 5-minute test that demonstrates how the Relative Attractiveness metric works. It can deliver surprisingly deep insight into your business.

2. NPS exercise

This quick exercise demonstrates some of the issues with using NPS as a basis for directing CX investment.

3. You don’t need to get rid of NPS

You may have investment, resources, staff and stakeholders tied up in NPS, but don’t worry. A contextual customer analytics metric like the Uncrowd Platform can be complementary to NPS.

4. Neutral data enables better decisions

The data from customer opinion surveys and mystery shops is biased. To make good CX decisions, you need data that simply shows you the facts about your CX.

5. Traditional analytics has a $20.8bn error

Where did it all go wrong? When traditional analytics flags customer pain points, but can't tell you which of them actually impact sales.

6. Analytics needs context

Effective customer analytics should measure you against your competitors, so that you can make effective strategic investments to win customers.