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Uncrowd case study: NPS masking lacklustre CX

Emily CleaverInsight Editor12 May 2023

One of the issues with NPS is that it often doesn’t sound the alarm when things are just “okay”. If customers aren’t actively annoyed by your customer experience, they don’t complain.

And because NPS is skewed towards customers who want their complaints heard, areas of CX that are just so-so go unflagged.

But you need to know about average, unexceptional areas of your CX, because these are the spots where you’re losing conversions. If your competitors are wowing customers while you’re just succeeding at not annoying them, you’re losing sales.

Uncrowd Success Stories NPS masking lacklustre CX

No ‘wow’ at the store doors

Uncrowd’s analysis for a big apparel retailer uncovered a problem they weren’t aware of, because their NPS was masking it.

We collected data on customer experience at the point of arrival in store. Their NPS scores were pretty good(they thought), but our data showed that these apparently respectable numbers were masking the truth.

This stage of their CX was performing badly. Nothing was actively annoying customers, but customers weren’t engaged either. That meant fewer conversions.

The data also showed that the best improvement plan was to boost surfacing of offers and product framing to drive conversion – a solution to a problem this retailer wouldn’t have known existed from customer feedback generated from NPS.


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