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Uncrowd case study: athleisure click-and-collect puzzle

Chris HeapCGO15 May 2023

An advantage of the Uncrowd methodology is that we compare data across online and offline channels and different store formats. If there’s a CX hotspot that’s unique to your small-format stores, for example, Uncrowd analysis will flag it.

Uncrowd success stories:  athleisure click and collect puzzle

Format fault

A big UK athleisure retailer told us that uptake was unexpectedly low on their click-and collect offer and they didn’t know why. A dive into our data uncovered the problem - in-store communication was at fault. Customers weren’t aware of how the service worked.

But the clincher for this client was that our data showed the problem was specific to one store format. Their big-box stores were communicating click-and-collect well, but high-street formats weren’t. We were also able to show that their high-street rivals were doing this better than them.

The fix? Improve visibility of communications across store formats to make customers aware of the service. When we collected data again, click-and-collect messaging came out strong across all formats.

Uncrowd success stories:  athleisure click and collect puzzle

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