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Uncrowd case study: apparel returns card confusion

Richard HammondCo-Founder & CEO15 May 2023

Sometimes you aren’t aware that there’s a problem with your CX because your customer analytics isn't picking it up.. You might not have asked about a particular area in your customer surveys, or the survey data might just be too clumsy to flag it.

Success Stories Uncrowd success stories: apparel returns card confusion

Hidden returns snag

That was the issue for one of the UK’s biggest apparel retailers when we collected data on their post-purchase CX. The retailer had got rid of returns cards and shifted returns admin onto their app for sustainability reasons, and as far as they knew, everything was fine.

But our data uncovered issues with their returns process – customers found it confusing. The retailer hadn't successfully communicated these changes and customers didn’t know how to make a return.

The fix, once the issue was flagged? Improve returns clarity and communication by printing messaging on existing packaging.

Uncrowd success stories: apparel returns card confusion

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